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MAME Game listing for Sports / Pool games

26 records found.
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  Name Year Manufacturer File Category Score
 9-Ball Shootout (set 1)  1993  E-Scape EnterMedia (Bundra license)  9ballshtSports / Pool2.74
Cool PoolCool Pool  1992  Catalina  coolpoolSports / Pool6.78
Eight Ball Action (DK conversion)Eight Ball Action (DK conversion)  1984  Seatongrove Ltd (Magic Eletronics USA license)  8ballactSports / Pool7.20
Eight Ball Action (Pac-Man conversion)Eight Ball Action (Pac-Man conversion)  (clone of: 8ballact1985  Seatongrove Ltd (Magic Eletronics USA license)  8bpmSports / Pool0.00
Gimme A Break (7/7/85)Gimme A Break (7/7/85)  1985  Bally/Sente  gimeabrkSports / Pool7.08
 Hex Pool (Shinkai)  (clone of: racknrol1986  Senko Industries (Shinkai Inc. license)  hexpoolSports / Pool0.00
Perfect BilliardPerfect Billiard  1987  Nihon System  pbillrdSports / Pool7.89
Perfect Billiard (MC-8123, 317-0030)Perfect Billiard (MC-8123, 317-0030)  (clone of: pbillrd1987  Nihon System  pbillrdsSports / Pool0.00
PoolsharkPoolshark  1977  Atari  poolshrkSports / Pool4.00
PrebillianPrebillian  1986  Kaneko / Taito  pbillianSports / Pool4.25
 Rack 'em Up (program code L)  1987  Konami  rackemupSports / Pool6.00
 Rack + Roll  1986  Senko Industries (Status license from Shinkai Inc.)  racknrolSports / Pool5.00
Side Pocket (World)Side Pocket (World)  1986  Data East Corporation  sidepcktSports / Pool5.00
Slick Shot (V2.2)Slick Shot (V2.2)  1990  Grand Products/Incredible Technologies  slikshotSports / Pool3.25
Super Pool III (English)Super Pool III (English)  (clone of: pcktgal1989  Data East Corporation  spool3Sports / Pool0.00
Super Pool III (I-Vics)Super Pool III (I-Vics)  (clone of: pcktgal1990  Data East Corporation (I-Vics license)  spool3iSports / Pool0.00
Target BallTarget Ball  (clone of: tgtball1995  Yun Sung  tgtballaSports / Pool0.00
The Billiards (Video Hustler bootleg)The Billiards (Video Hustler bootleg)  (clone of: hustler1981  bootleg  billiardSports / Pool0.00
The Hustler (Japan, program code M)The Hustler (Japan, program code M)  (clone of: rackemup1987  Konami  thehustlSports / Pool0.00
Tri-Pool (Casino Tech)Tri-Pool (Casino Tech)  1981  Noma (Casino Tech license)  tripoolSports / Pool5.00
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