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MAME Game listing for Multiplay games

29 records found.
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  Name Year Manufacturer File Category Score
4 Fun in 14 Fun in 1  1981  Armenia / Food and Fun  4in1Multiplay7.80
Alpha Fighter / Head OnAlpha Fighter / Head On  1969  Data East Corporation  alphahoMultiplay0.00
Arcade Classics (prototype)Arcade Classics (prototype)  1992  Atari Games  arcadeclMultiplay4.75
Ghostmuncher Galaxian (bootleg)Ghostmuncher Galaxian (bootleg)  1981  bootleg  gmgalaxMultiplay2.89
Invinco / Deep ScanInvinco / Deep Scan  (sample of: invinco1979  Sega  invdsMultiplay5.33
Invinco / Head On 2Invinco / Head On 2  (sample of: invinco1979  Sega  invho2Multiplay3.60
Namco Classic Collection Vol.1Namco Classic Collection Vol.1  1995  Namco  ncv1Multiplay8.30
Namco Classic Collection Vol.1 (Japan, v1.00)Namco Classic Collection Vol.1 (Japan, v1.00)  (clone of: ncv11995  Namco  ncv1jMultiplay0.00
Namco Classic Collection Vol.1 (Japan, v1.03)Namco Classic Collection Vol.1 (Japan, v1.03)  (clone of: ncv11995  Namco  ncv1j2Multiplay0.00
Namco Classic Collection Vol.2Namco Classic Collection Vol.2  1996  Namco  ncv2Multiplay8.72
Namco Classic Collection Vol.2 (Japan)Namco Classic Collection Vol.2 (Japan)  (clone of: ncv21996  Namco  ncv2jMultiplay0.00
Parlour Games (Mega-Tech, SMS based)Parlour Games (Mega-Tech, SMS based)  1987  Sega  mt_parlgMultiplay0.00
Poly-PlayPoly-Play  1985  VEB Polytechnik Karl-Marx-Stadt  polyplayMultiplay6.00
 Puzzle King (includes bootleg of Snow Bros.)  2002  K1 Soft  4in1bootMultiplay7.00
Rolling Crash / Moon BaseRolling Crash / Moon Base  (sample of: invaders1979  Nichibutsu  rollingcMultiplay6.50
Space Attack / Head OnSpace Attack / Head On  1979  Sega  sspacahoMultiplay5.50
Super Ten V8.2Super Ten V8.2  (clone of: usg831988  U.S. Games  usg82Multiplay0.00
Super Ten V8.3Super Ten V8.3  1988  U.S. Games  usg83Multiplay3.25
Super Ten V8.3XSuper Ten V8.3X  (clone of: usg831988  U.S. Games  usg83xMultiplay0.00
Three Wonders (World 910520)Three Wonders (World 910520)  1991  Capcom  3wondersMultiplay9.30
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