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Game listing for games running on the MB86233 processor

27 records found.
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  Name Year Manufacturer File Category Score
 Daytona USA (Japan, Revision A)  1993  Sega  daytonaUnplayable8.66
 Daytona USA (Japan, To The MAXX)  (clone of: daytona1993  Sega  daytonamUnplayable0.00
 Daytona USA (Japan, Turbo hack)  (clone of: daytona1993  Sega  daytonatUnplayable0.00
 Daytona USA (With Saturn Adverts)  (clone of: daytona1993  Sega  daytonas 0.00
 Daytona USA Deluxe '93  (clone of: daytona1993  Sega  daytona93 0.00
 Dead or Alive (Model 2A, Revision A)  (clone of: doa1996  Sega  doaaUnplayable0.00
 Desert Tank  1994  Sega / Martin Marietta  desertUnplayable0.00
 Dynamite Cop (Export, Model 2A)  1998  Sega  dynamcopUnplayable6.00
 Dynamite Deka 2 (Japan, Model 2A)  (clone of: dynamcop1998  Sega  dyndeka2Unplayable0.00
 Manx TT Superbike - Twin (Revision C)  1995  Sega  manxttUnplayable7.00
 Motor Raid - Twin  1997  Sega  motoraid 7.50
 Pilot Kids (Model 2A)  (clone of: pltkids1998  Psikyo  pltkidsaUnplayable0.00
 Sega Rally Championship - DX (Revision A)  (clone of: srallyc1995  Sega  srallyca 0.00
 Sega Rally Championship - TWIN (Revision B)  (clone of: srallyc1995  Sega  srallycb 0.00
 Sega Rally Championship - TWIN (Revision C)  1995  Sega  srallycUnplayable9.00
 Sky Target  1995  Sega  skytargtUnplayable0.00
 Virtua Cop (Revision A)  1994  Sega  vcopa 0.00
 Virtua Cop (Revision B)  1994  Sega  vcopUnplayable6.75
 Virtua Cop 2  1995  Sega  vcop2Unplayable8.63
 Virtua Fighter 2  (clone of: vf21995  Sega  vf2oUnplayable0.00
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